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arid climate temperature

Semi-Arid or Steppe (Bs) Higher latitude semi-arid deserts, also called steppe, are found in continental interiors or in rainshadows. google_ad_height=600; climate over the arid region of northwestern China, based on gridded observation data and CMIP5 simulations under the RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 scenarios. The two colors on the map represent warm and cold Arid climates. Environmental problem. Deserts are areas that are arid. See more. Deserts are areas that are arid. Arid climate is known for being dry, in fact, that is what the word arid means. Some of these arid regions also belong to the savannah in Africa or deserts, for example in Australia, where vegetation and wildlife have for long adjusted to the scarce water conditions. In Ethiopia, the climate varies mostly with altitude, and it goes from the hot and arid climate of the lowlands to the cool climate of the plateau.Lying just north of the Equator, the country experiences little variation in temperature throughout the year. Hot-month average temperatures are normally between 29 and 35 °C (84 and 95 °F), and midday readings of 43–46 °C (109–115 °F) are common. This climate is mainly found 30 degrees north and south of the Equator due to global wind patterns, but other factors can cause an Arid climate. In general, these climatic contrasts result from differences in temperature, the season in which rain falls, and in the degree of aridity. Instead of spring, summer, fall, and winter, most countries south of the Sahara Desert have dry and rainy seasons. Over a fourth of the earth’s ecosystem consists of arid regions (dry lands) that support 30% of the world’s population. Semi-Arid climate is a transition area from very dry Arid to another wetter climate type.

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